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KU Graduate Degree Options

Doctoral (PhD), Masters (MS), and Professional Masters (PSM)

The Programs

The M.S. degree requires a total of 30 credit hours for graduation, of which about 6 hours are expected to be thesis hours.

The PhD degree has no formal requirements for credit hours; courses are selected to best support the research.

The PSM degree requires a total of 36 online credit hours for graduation, of which 3 hours are dedicated to a capstone project.

Courses Offered (Subject to Updating): PFS online courses are offered through the School of Professional Studies
Offered AnnuallyCredit HoursComment
Physical Hydrogeology3In-person and Online
Contaminant Transport3In-person and Online
Stable Isotope3In-person
Contaminants in Ground Water3In-person
Introduction to Programming Methods (VBA,R,Python,Matlab)3In-person and Online
Quantitative Geosciences3In-person
Research Skills and Responsible Scholarship Environmental Site Assessment2In-person and Online
Project Management3PFS Online
Communications3PFS Online
Finance3PFS Online
Organizational Change3PFS Online
Capstone Course3Online

Workshop courses are taught online with a required Saturday meeting at KU.
Workshops and Field TripsCredit HoursComment
Geological Log Analysis1Online
Applied Environmental Geophysics Workshop1In-person and Online
Field Hydrology (in Colorado)3In-person and Online
Contaminated Sites Workshop1In-person
Contaminants in Groundwater Field Trip1In-person
*Direct-push Methods for Site Characterization Workshop1In-person and Online
Contaminated Groundwater Sampling Workshop1In-person and Online
Environmental Site Management *(OSHA 40 hr. Hazwoper Certification) Workshop3In-person and Online
Aquifer Testing Workshop1In-person and Online
Chemical and Microbial Hydrogeology3In-person and Online

Additional Offerings (not yearly)Credit HoursComment
Groundwater Modeling3In-person
Hydrology Energy and Food Nexus1In-person